cropped-shachena.jpgShaChena Gibbs, CEO

Are you looking for a trainer for your next workshop, conference, summit, podcast, telesummit, business networking event, MLM/Direct Sales group, or meetup?

I have worked many years on breaking through my fears and other life and business mishaps. My focus is to assist hundreds even thousands of women business owners to create success by moving past their fears of not being able to make money due to life’s challenges.

I am confident that working with me you will walk away with a new plan  to implement and take action immediately


Award winning Association Executive, Business Coach and Trainer, ShaChena Gibbs, is the founder and president of Real Sisters Rising, LLC. Her tireless work of empowering women to become self sustaining via entrepreneurship has resulted in her national recognition as an expert in direct sales and professional development.

ShaChena is a sought after speaker and networking guru. She spends the better part of her day “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny.”  Through her company, ShaChena provides coaching sessions and resources to the women in her community. She speaks throughout the country at various events and at her organization’s chapter meetings; the RSR network boasts members of various ethnicity and professions.

Her leadership experience helps her excel as a leader various MLM companies, like AVON; a company known for the personal and professional development of women and former Chapter President for Black Business Works (Bronx, NY).  She has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Daily News; her articles have been broadly published throughout the internet.

ShaChena resides in New York and is the proud mother to Destiny and Diamond.  ShaChena Gibbs …..“Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny”

  • The Pain of a Blaque Woman…Still I Stand! 2016 Honoree
  • Creator of #Kindwordsday founder in 2016
  • Author of The CEO System | Building Business Mastery
  • Co Author of Confessions of a Welfare Mom
  • Co Author of Confessions of a Domestic Violence Survivor
  • Contributing writer for I AM! Magazine
  • Contributing writer for Change Gospel Newspaper in the business section.
  • Former Blog Contributor for The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and Identity Online Magazine.