Do you have your company policy & procedure manual?

When you are building a business from home, you should also have a company policy & procedure manual. You can have a small business operate just like a big business. A company policy & procedure manual helps create standards in your companies culture.

I built my company from home as a single mom. As my children got older I begin to give them more responsibilities in the business. As they were given new task, they had to be trained. The training I provided for them was recorded.

The reason I recorded the training and I don’t mean audio recording. I mean I wrote down the steps we took and took notes of any challenges. The finally results were added to the company manual.

I decided to do this because there was a time I had gotten really sick and I could not do much work. Being sick halted my business and I was too ill to train.

With a company manual you can allow new hires or team members to have the proper tools to operate specific areas of the business. As long as you document the information clear and precise everyone should be able to comprehend the instructions that are given in the manual.

What do you include in your manual

Vendors – List the name of all the companies you service. Your vendors are those companies you utilize for your business to run in the back end. List the company name, contact name, and contact information.

Policies – Document your company policies and procedures for hiring, delegation, resolving issues, etc.

How to’s – For home business owners I recommend you do this. Add the pdf’s download from your website hosting company and other online service providers.

Processes- Add the processes of your social media planning, blogging, etc.

What’s next?

It’s time for you to create your own companies manual. I have helped a number of my clients begin the process of their own company manual. They are able to get focus even when they get side tracked.

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P.S. I spent a lot of time showing new team members how to perform task over and over. Once I created my manual I got back more time. You don’t have to waste time no more. Let me show you how to become more productive in you business with systems and automation. Book a Call

Do you have your company policy & procedure manual?

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