How to Start Your Own Profitable Membership Community


Using the lessons that I teach you will help you avoid many of the mistakes I made during my journey. 

Why start an Membership Community? You can serve many people at once, earn recurring income while you sleep for months and years to come and, you will be position as the go to network in your industry. How amazing is that??!

There are membership programs/communities of all kinds throughout the world. If you have thought about starting a group for your niche, I highly encourage you to get started. It may be a network similar to yours however, you are unique and you will deliver to your audience only the best way you know how. No one can duplicate you. So Go For It!

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A membership community is where people of like mind and interest come together to learn, share, create, and grow.

Do you love helping others in your industry?

Do you love meeting with people who share common interest?

Would you love to be considered one of the your community leaders?

Would you love to learn how to start your own membership program successful and possibly earn over $6+ figures doing so?

Join me for this 90 Minute Action Packed Master Class right from the comfort of your own home. 

On this call you will learn the following:

  • How to name your association/network/club/group
  • How to choose your membership benefits
  • What documents are really important to have
  • How to create and implement systems
  • What are the 3 R’s in membership community success
  • & How to create Partnerships to increase your networks value

I will also share with you…

  • What tools I use and why
  • How to position yourself as the Leader
  • How to start creating information products

What’s Included:

  • 90 Minute Action Masterclass
  • Audio Replay



“OMG”! Words can BARELY express the gratitude I feel from speaking with
ShaChena about building a bigger, better business by introducing memberships and associations to my market! Her knowledge and insight was priceless. She is full of ideas and advice on how to do MORE with what you already have and I am impressed and encouraged about implementing the information shared and using it to help others. I am thankful for the experience of having someone on an expert level to LISTEN as well as share. I recommend this to anyone with an idea to move forward, but needs just a little help and a push getting there. For this I am forever grateful!”

-Andrieka J. Austin
Business and Life Coach
The Socialprenista™


ShaChena Gibbs is an amazing woman on a mission to truly show women that they can be successful. I truly enjoyed my session with ShaChena today. It gave me so much clarity. She efficiently answered the questions that I had about beginning my own online community. She was
able to clearly identify the strengths that I possess and points that needed to be explored so that my online community could be successful. This proved to be a phenomenal strategy so that I could begin my
community as soon as I hung up the phone. Thank you ShaChena for all that you do and all that you are.

Stevii Aisha Mills
Just Stevii

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