My Favorite Membership Site Tools

We all have our favorite tools for our business. When I say tools I am talking about the vendors and other resources we use and are committed to using to run our businesses.

In my company manual I have these tools listed as vendors or utilities. I am going to share my favorite membership site tools with you in hopes that if you are seeking these services and stumble upon my site, you will now have found what you been seeking.

For my domain name and hosting I use Startlogic. I have been with Startlogic for several years now. I continue to use their services because they have all the utilities I need to run my business. They are affordable especially for a new business owner. The customer service is great. When I call I get excellent service and they stay on the phone or chat until the problem is resolved. They have various utilities to add on and customized to your specific business like and forums.

For my membership portal I use Wild Apricot. I started using Wild Apricot for a few reasons.  At one time I was using Ning to engage my community. Ning was amazing for me then. However, Wild Apricot allowed me to see financial reports, who is logging in and what pages and a number of other key reports. It’s one of the most affordable membership community sites and I highly recommend them.

For list building I use Aweber. Aweber is easy to use for a membership community owner. I have my Wild Apricot site and Aweber linked together through Paypal so that once a member joins and make payment they are added to a specific list and receive the necessary emails.

What online tools or utilities are you using to run your business?

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My Favorite Membership Site Tools

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