Honoring ShaChena Gibbs

The Pain of a Blaque Woman….Still I Stand Conference Honors ShaChena Gibbs and many more phenomenal Queens.

The Mission and Purpose of ‘The Pain of a BlaQue Woman…Still I Stand’ Conference, is to strengthen our community, families & womanhood by revealing the pain of our individuality yet the thread in our similarities. 

This conference isn’t just about the pain of a BlaQue Woman, it’s too about her progress.  Participants will leave the conference having the idea (planted for some and watered for others) in their minds that no feat is impossible to conquer, change is inevitable and most importantly WHO creates that change.

The BlaQue Woman, she’s seen things no other eye could comprehend, she’s felt pain no other could understand.

She has been the most de-edified being and remains the most desired creation.

On Saturday, September 24th, we’ll go unplugged as we express & display the pain of a BlaQue Woman. Not focusing on the problem, yet highlighting the process.

So join us as we come together and honor these phenomenal Queens.

**ALL are encouraged to join us, as this is a conference highlighting BlaQue Women, yet it isn’t a BlaQue Women’s Conference**

4th Annual: The Pain of a BlaQue Woman….Still I Stand Conference. 

Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 Register Today!

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The Pain of a Blaque Woman….Still I Stand Conference Honors ShaChena Gibbs

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